Tying the Deep Creek Leech Matt Ramsey Steelhead Fly

The Deep Creek Leech is a simple steelhead pattern from Eugene, Oregon steelhead guide Matt Ramsey. Matt runs the Two Dudes Flyfishing along with Scott Nelson offering trip along the Umpqua, Deschutes and Willamette Rivers.

For the eyes on the fly I use a 4.0mm brass barbell, but for deeper runs, you may want to consider using lead. The Collar is tied with rabbit, either a zonker strip or a cross cut strip. the pattern is similar to the Hareball Leech or a Starlite Leech, 2 favorites for west coast steelhead.

Deep Creek Leech fly pattern recipe

Hook: Superfly Heavy Wire Salmon (or your favorite steelhead iron)
Thread: Fl. pink FWN (210d)
Eyes: Dumbbell eyes brass or lead
Tail: Black rabbit zonker
Body: Pearl flat diamond braid
Rib: Medium gold oval tinsel
Collar: Black rabbit cross-cut or zonker
Collar: Silver Dr. Blue schlappen
Head: Thread
UV: Solarez thin or Bone Dry

Deep Creek Leech (Matt Ramsey)
Deep Creek Leech (Matt Ramsey)


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