Pheasant Tail Evil Weevil

The Evil Weevil is a great nymph pattern that was developed by Jeremy Davies out of Calgary, Alberta in Canada which is home the famous Bow River. The pattern is tied on a curved scud hook and is highly customizable. There are quite a few variations of the fly including this Pheasant Tail version of the Evil Weevil. If you need to get the fly into deeper waters, you can use tungsten beads and a few wraps of lead behind the bead.

Evil Weevil Pheasant Tail Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Mustad C49s #10-16
Bead: Copper brass
Weight: 0.030 lead (optional)
Thread: Dark olive 6/0
Tail: Pheasant tail
Rib: Fine copper wire
Body: Pheasant tail
Shellback: Scudback
Thorax: Peacock ice dubbing
Legs: Olive turkey biots


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