Chinook Moto Minnow by Friday Night Flies

Zach ties up this Chinook Moto Minnow using a green and blue color combo. The fly works great on higher water conditions and the salmon seem to really key in on this color. When you tie them, don’t forget to pack em.

Jimmy Legs Fly Recipe

Hook: TMC 9395 #2-6
Cone: Chartreuse
Weight: 0.025 lead 10-15 wraps
Thread: UTC 140 white
Tail: Marabou chartreuse
Flash: Blue Crystal Flash
Hackle: Silver Dr. Blue saddle hackle
Body: UV Pearl Ice Dubbing (dubbing loop)
Collar: Chartreuse mallard flank
Dubbing Collar: Holographic Purple Diamon Dubbing


Youtube Channel: Friday Night Flies


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