Woolly Bugger tied by Darren MacEachern

The creation of the Wooly Bugger streamer is credited to Russell Blessing from Pennsylvania. It is said to have been created as a bass fly and tied to resemble a hellgrammite or dobsonfly nymph. Its precise origin is unknown, but is clearly an evolution of the Woolly Worm fly, which itself is a variation—intentional or not—of the British palmer fly, which dates back to Walton and beyond.

Woolly Buggers have proven to be a most versatile fly pattern and the original has spawned countless variations. It can be tied to imitate pretty much any prey item, depending on the hook size it is tied in, the colors used and any other elements that may be added. The buggers may represent large nymphs, baitfish, leech, drowning terrestrial insects, worms, crayfish, shrimp or crabs.

This is one of the earliest forms of the fly and is tied using an olive body with black hackle and tail. Enjoy.

Woolly Bugger (Russell Blessing)

Hook: 2xl – 4xlstreamer hook in size 2-8
Thread: Black 6/0
Weight: .030 lead or similar optional
Tail: Black marabou
Flash: Pearl crystal flash
Rib: fine copper wire
Body: Olive chenille med
Hackle: Black saddle hackle
Head: Black thread


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