Simi Seal Baetis by Tim at Tacky Fly Fishing

Tim ties a killer little glass bead Simi Seal Baetis fly pattern. As the name suggests, this fly uses the Simi Seal dubbing as the primary material on the fly. The pattern is pretty simple and well suited for tying into some smaller sizes. A nice property of the Simi Seal dubbing is how buggy it becomes with a little use, or a light brush out.

Simi Seal Baetis fly pattern recipe

Hook: Scud hook #14-#20
Thread: 8/0 black or any
Bead: Blue pearl or dark color glass bead
Tail: Pheasant tail
Body: Simi Seal (brown)
Flashback: #10 pearl mylar coated with UV resin or epoxy
Thorax: Tan UV ice dubbing


Youtube Channel: Tackyflyfishing
Video Link: Simi Seal Baetis


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