Two-tone Veevus Quill Body Nymph by Hans Stephenson

Hans ties up a pattern he calls the Two-tone Veevus Quill Body Nymph and introduces a relatively new materiel called Veevus Body Quill. The body quill is a wide translucent mylar thread. It makes for a nice body material as it has translucence and allows the color underneath to affect the final color. It is thin and gives a realistic appearance. The mylar is stronger than stripped peacock quill, but you can cement the quill to add some extra durability.

The Two-tone Veevus Quill Body Nymph is a simple pattern, and you can do some experimenting with the body colors as it is available in 15 colors.

Two-tone Veevus Quill Body Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Syndicate Nymph Midge Emerger Hook Black CH200BK
Thread: Cream 8/0
Bead: Tungsten black nickle
Tail: Coque de Leon hackle fibers
Butt: Veevus Body Quill red
Body: Veevus Body Quill olive
Collar: SLF Spiky dubbing black

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Hans Stephenson Youtube page and check out The Dakota Fly Angler at


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