MFPD Pocket Picker by Kev Compton

I’ve been following Kevin Compton’s fly tying exploits for a few years and have always been impressed with his intense attention to detail and precise fly tying. Every material and every wrap seems to have a purpose on the flies he ties, and the patterns have been tested and honed for optimal performance. The watery olive thread is crucial for the MFPD Pocket picker as it makes up the tapered body of the nymph. The fly uses synthetic quill that is more durable without the need for extra glue than the natural. You can find the materials which can be tough to find, on Kevin’s site,

MFPD Pocket Picker Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Hanak H230BL #14-16
Head: 3/32 Gold Tungsten Bead
Thread: UTC 70 Watery Olive
Tails: Coq de Leon Fibers, Medium Prodo
Rib #1: Synthetic Quill Body, Graphite
Rib #2: XF Gold Wire
Tip: Glo-Brite Floss, Hot Orange #6
Body: UTC 70 Watery Olive Thread
Thorax: Pine Squirrel dubbing with UV Flash

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Lou DiGena’s Youtube page and subscribe for more videos. You should also pop over to his blog, Fly and Fin for more info on this and other patterns.


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