Jedi Mind Trick by Ben Abbey

We are not sure if you need to go full Jedi Mind Trick when you are up against animals with pea sized brains, but why not stack the deck in your favor. There are some great shots of the fly swimming in the Fish Skull Fly Tester that really make me want to tie up a battalion of these bait fish. The fly is going to push a lot of water with the reverse tied elements, and the extra long flashy tail will attract a ton of attention in the water.

May the 4th be with you.

Jedi Mind Trick Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Daichi 2546 Salt water 2/0
Thread: Dansville’s 210 Black
Tail: White Buck tail, Holographic Flashabou Magnum – Rainbow, grizzly saddle hackle
Rear Collar: Reverse tied white bucktail
Body: Baitfish Emulator Flash
Belly: Sand craft fur
Wing: Brown craft fur
Collar: reverse tied craft fur, brown and sand
Eyes: 3D eyes and UV resin

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Drifting Fly Fisherman’s Youtube page.


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