Fly Tyers of Instagram May 13th, 2016 Edition

The Fly Tyers of Instagram for the week ending Friday 13, 2016. Take a minute to check out our favorites from the week and give them a like and follow if you are on Instagram.


A photo posted by @brightriverfly on

Another "Super-Fly" -fly tied pendant w/raw opals. #HubbardGlass

A photo posted by Chris Hubbard (@hubbardglass) on

Countdown to #laxá16 #browntrout #flytying #flyfishing #troutbum #trout #iceland

A photo posted by sigthorsteinn (@sigthorsteinn) on

This is what 100 bobbin cradles looks like! #flyfishing #flytying #manufacturing

A photo posted by Renzetti Inc (@renzettiinc) on


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