Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp Saltwater Fly tied by Hans Stephenson

The Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp is one of my favourite patterns for bonefish. The fly can be a little light when using bead chain, so using brass or lead weight up front may be required in order to have the fly turn over properly. The mono eyes can be purchased premade, but if you have some extra monofilament around, just melt the ends to form a ball and Bob’s your uncle. For my eyes, I like to take it a step further and add a coat or two of nail lacquer and a clear top coat of hard as nails. It’s best to get these done well in advance if you plan on coating them so that they have time to cure. I usually prepare a few hundred in advance. I use eyes in black, red, green and pinks.

For the dubbing on the fly, buggy is preferred. I like using a synthetic, or a blend and add a little bit of UV pearl in the mix. Keep the dubbing buggy so the fly has lots of movement. With the long silicone legs on the pattern, the fly gets a lot of attention. You can use the pattern to imitate crayfish as well, just switch up the colors and you are good to go. I tie my Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp is a few variations, tan, gold, white and shrimp pink. Play around with some variations and try them out on the flats.

Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Saltwater Size 2-8
Thread: Tan 6/0
Weight: 2.4mm or 3.2mm bead chain eye or brass dumbbell
Tail: Tan Craft fur
Antenee: 2 stands pearl Krystal Flash
Eyes: 20lb mono melted to form eyes
Mouth: Tan rabbit fur
Legs: Silicone or rubber legs
Dubbing: Tan craft fur dubbing or antron

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