Stone Bugger by Don Freschi

The Stone Bugger is a cold fusion of a bugger and a stone nymph pattern from Sport Fishing on the Fly (SPOTF) and Don Freschi. This pattern comes from the season 8 episode 4, “Spring on the Columbia”. There is a pictorial step by step here. This should be a great pattern for both stream and stillwater fishing. Brown, olive, and golden colors should be tied, and a range of sizes in #12-#4, should be a good fit. I’m off to the vise to try a few of these right now.

Stone Bugger Fly pattern Recipe

Hook: Size 6 TMC 2302
Thread: Wapsi UTC 70 Black
Tail: Brown Marabou
Weight: 0.020 Lead Wire
Wingcase: Flexcement covered Turkey feather
Body: Fiery Brown Angora Goat Dubbing
Legs: Hungarian Partridge

You can follow Sport Fishing on the Fly on Youtube and visit the show website for more fly tying information by heading to


4 thoughts on “Stone Bugger by Don Freschi”

  1. You post alot of vids on fly patterns. I would appreciate a picture of the finished fly so I can determine if I’m interested in the fly and want to watch the video.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Willi. I will try to post completed patterns in the mix more often. You can also scan the video quickly (go to the end) to see the completed fly in most cases.


  2. I like it! I think I have all the stuff in my stash to boot! I’ll try them out on the Kootenai when this nasty weather goes away.

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