Improved Beatis Nymph by Kelly Galloup

Kelly Galloup ties (eventually) a version of his Improved Beatis Nymph fly pattern. Kelly is a great speaker, and he could fill a book talking about a single fly, so it’s not surprising that a fly that takes about 3 minutes to tie needs a ten minute introduction. But those 10 minutes are gold, and Kelly lays out some serious knowledge about tying and fishing beats patterns. If you want to jump straight to the action, skip ahead to about the 10 minute mark, but just know that you are missing out on some premium tips.

The fly is a small one, 18 being a larger beats pattern, and is designed to be fished with weight on the line rather than the fly. The pattern uses a minimum of materials, and thankfully it’s quick to tie because these things are easy to lose in bushes, on rocks or just dropping them on the ground. You can switch out the colors on the pattern to mimic other species of mayflies as well. The UV is the real brilliance of the pattern, and Kelly sights it as the more important component of this fly.

Improved Beatis Nymph fly pattern recipe

Hook: Dai-riki 305 #16-26 or standard dry fly hook
Thread: Burgundy 8/0 or finer (or choice of color)
Tail: Pheasant tail (3 fibers)
Body: Pheasant tail wrapped
Wingcase: Peacock herl
Gills: UV pearl ice dubbing or Senyo Laser Dub white
Thorax: Ice Dub black peacock
Head: Thread

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