A Brief History of Regal Vise

ClassicFlyTyer Alec Stansell has put together a video on the history of the Regal Vise line through the years. One of my first vises was a Regal, well actually a Regal copy, but it was solid and simple to use. My next vise will be a Regal, but they come with a steep price tag, and I’m going to have have to sell a few Woolly Buggers to get my hands on one.

The line-up starts with Regal’s patent vise circa 1980. It is an oak bodied vise with an intricate c-clamp. It is really an interesting and I’m sure hard to find, vise. The collection runs through to the Regal Revolution and also includes some after market products.

Today’s line-up of vises includes four models which include the Inex, Travel, Medallion and Revolution, with options for various bases, clamps and jaws. The flagship vise, the Revolution, is also now available in 4 custom colored versions (Ultra Violet, Pitch Purple, Royal Blue and Rustic Pine) and an accompanying tool bar can also be bought to complete the package.

Alec has a great collection of vises and it is a real pleasure to have a look.

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