UV Pink by Ralph Long

On first glance, I thought this pattern to be a caddis pupa. I love the look of this fly when it gets wet, the UV blurring any hard lines and presenting a natural prey item. Interestingly enough though, Ralph ties and fishes this pattern as a chironomid in the same way he would a Sno-cone. The red flat waxed nylon thread place under the white UV dubbing gives this fly a beautiful pinkish glow, and while it looks a little bulky when it’s dry, under water the fly becomes skinnier and takes on a UV aura.

UV Pink – Click for more pictures and information on this pattern from Ralph’s Fly Box.

UV Pink Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Orvis beadhead #14 – #18
Thread: 8/0 white Uni-thread
Bead: Gold tungsten bead
Rib: Fine gold wire
Underbody: Red FWN thread
Abdomen: White UV dubbing
Thorax: Peacock herl

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Ralph Long’s Youtube page and check out his blog at Ralph’s Fly Box.


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