Deep Black Stonefly by Jim Misiura

In my early days of tying flies, I was directed to have a close look at stonefly nymphs. These big flies were an easy introduction to nymphs in that their size meant I could ease into small er patterns as my confidence and skills improved. Coupled with the fact that they were heavy and got down into the strike zone quickly, helped in the decision. My own tying started with Brooks Stonefly Nymph, a pattern tied in the round, and the famous Kaufmann Stonefly Nymph in several colors. This pattern is great because of the weight, and how it is distributed over the length of the fly. It will work great in faster water and deeper runs to get where the fish are sitting. Boots are a wonderful material for nymphs of all types, but here, they are employed as tail, leg and antenna, cutting down on the number of materials needed in the fly. I like to mix in a bit of color into my stonefly dubbing, so in addition to the black, I may add a little red (ice or seal), yellow or blue. Just enough to break up the monotony of the black. Jim has some great tips along the way, and ties this pattern wonderfully.

Deep Black Stonefly Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: 4xl streamer hook #6 – #12
Weight: .030 Lead Wire
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Black streamer hook
Abdomen: Heavy black wire 26 ga
Legs: Black goose biots
Thorax: Black rabbit dubbing
Antenna: Black goose biots

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Jim Misiura’s Youtube page.


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