Crust Nymph by North 40 Fly Shop

The Crust Nymph is a slim beadhead that is tied using turkey biot for the body. To overcome the fragile nature of the biot, the North 40 crew overwrap fine copper wire on the turkey. It should add a few extra hits to the fly, and make it even more effective when it gets beat up. Keep the thorax light, using yellow on the PMD and the brown olive on the BWO versions of the fly.

Crust Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Nymph hook 1xl 1xs
Bead: 5/64 brass bead copper or brown
Thread: 70 Ultra Thread brown
Tail: Wood duck
Rib: small copper wire
Body:Turkey Biot – Brown
Winces: Body Stretch 1/8″ brown
Legs: CDC Tuft Gray Dun
Thorax: Ice Dub UV Light Yellow

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