Gink & Gasoline gives the Lowdown on DMC floss

DMC Floss Midges - Gink & Gasoline
DMC Floss Midges – Gink & Gasoline

If you have ever wandered the isles of a big box craft store, or the craft section of a chain such as Walmart, then you have no doubt stumbled upon the thrill inducing floss display (at least to a fly tyer). With an unmatched palette of color for less than a dollar a piece, the fly tyer is in heaven. If you opt to use the materials for chironomid larva, you can likely tie 1000 flies or more with a single 8m length, probably more that I’ll ever tie in a lifetime. (or not) I’ve also used the floss, as, well, floss on wet fly patterns and salmon flies. It is more forgiving than the spooled materials you can get. You can get all the dirt on the material and some easy ideas for tying patterns at Gink & Gasoline. Required reading – Midge Magic by Don Holbrook & Ed Koch.


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