Henryville Special by Jim Misiura

The Henryville Special is an older fly pattern, but one that comes in handy for a caddis or blue winged olive hatch. It can be a bit tricky to get the wing slips to sit nicely, but a bit of practice will help you get the hang of it. I’ve been putting together a new box of flies for the spring opening and hope to include a few HvS’s in the mix. If you want a little more durability in the fly, I would suggest adding a reverse rib of fine wire over the grizzly hackle.

Hook: Standard dry fly hook #12-#18
Thread: Black 8/0
Body hackle: grizzly saddle hackle
Body: Olive dry fly dubbing
Underwing: Mallard flank fibers
Wing: Mallard wing quill slips
Hackle: Grey or brown saddle hackle


One thought on “Henryville Special by Jim Misiura”

  1. A very useful pattern and one that I have had in my box in one form or another for longer than I care to think about. JFK was the President when I started tying as a youngun.

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