Bass on the fly with Austen Goldsmith

This just looks like so much fun. This video has both fly tying and fishing, it’s a wonderful mix. The flies tied in the video are high speed and use UV resins on the heads. Simple flies and lots of action.

Fly fishing for Bass with Austen Goldsmith from Video Art Productions on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Bass on the fly with Austen Goldsmith”

  1. I hope they spend equally as much time tying as they do fishing the patterns that are effective for the spieces of the day. Pretty is one thing but what matters to a fisherman is “will it hunt” and “how much time and material costs” in the product. This should be fun!

    1. Hi Thanks for sharing the link to the DVD,

      Dan Wight
      The DNA livebait fly that I developed after the Livebait clouser has landed thousands of Bass for my clients over the years. Trust me those flies have been fine tuned over years of guiding for Bass in Cornwall. They are what I call Guide flies . minimal bling . quick to tie up and catchers of fish.Killer Bass flies !

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