Articulated Hollow Flatwing – Michael Decoteau

You can see the influence of traditional streamers, such as Carrie Stevens’ creataion, in Michael’s articulated flatwing streamers. This is a great large fly designed for steelhead and stripers. You can view the tutorial here.

Flatwing Streamers - Michael Decoteau
Flatwing Streamers - Michael Decoteau

You can also check out Mike’s gallery of these long beauties on his picasa gallery.

Via HMH and The Fiberglass Manifesto


One thought on “Articulated Hollow Flatwing – Michael Decoteau”

  1. Absolutely Beautiful flys, the articulating shank is a nice product of that company and the metal heads they make are also a great product. I live on the west coast and tie sculpin patterns and the heads are a nice touch. Your treatment of the reverse tied bucktail is one I shall try on my salmon and rockfish patterns. Your tutorial is perfectly done and a breeze to follow.

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