Haree Stone – Mark DeFrank

This is another great pattern for heavy stonefly nymphs. Just vary the colors to suit the species of stonefly you want to imitate. It uses the Hareline wiggle dubbing in a loop so that the material is quite buggy. I like the pattern for it’s simple list of materials, less complex than many stoneflies I’ve seen. Once the body is dubbed, a quick soft hackle completes the fly.


3 thoughts on “Haree Stone – Mark DeFrank”

  1. Great fly idea! I haven’t seen that particular dubbing but I guess I have been living in a cave. I guess I better get cracking!

  2. It’s amazing just how many different dubbings are on the market. this one looks kinda cool with all the little rubber legs added. You could make this with a dubbing spinner tool as well, just make a bunch of them up before you start tying the fly. Nice results here.

  3. Yet another Stone pattern to add to my addiction! What is it about Stoneflies that keep many of us busy inventing and improving? I’ve seen the dubbing but have not added it to my dubbing box yet, which brings me to another addiction……

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