Popcicle Tube Fly – Pro Tube Fly Systems – Jay Nicholas

This probably isn’t Jay’s best video ever, but it does have a nice tube fly. It would have been nice to see how he got the rabbit into the Petitjean clip for those who have never used them before. I really like the two-tone bunny hair on this, I normally tie mine with just marabou. The spun hair looks amazing, but perhaps a bit overdone here. Also note the dubbing is bushy and will help hold the shape of the marabou once it gets wet. Nice fly for the Great Lakes tribs.

Tube: Pro-tube Micro tube
Butt/Body: Ice dub orange
Hackle: Marabou, orange and flame
Collar: Cross cut rabbit strip Hot orange/yellow
Cone: Pro cone large
Hook: Tube hook


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