Galloup’s Articulated Fat Head – Brian Wise

Here is another BAF Kelly Galloup streamer from the crew. Another great production video with pretty easy to follow tying. This will likely not make it to my fly box until the fall, and it will be tied up in a few colors, yellow, black, olive an white.

Rear Hook: Umpqua U301
Thread: 6/0 yellow / olive
Tail: Yellow marabou
Body: Palmered marabou (all the way up the hook)
Wing: Tied flat lemon wood duck flank
Connection: Coated wire or heavy line
Beads: Red beads
Front Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger
Gills: Red metallic Flashabou
Front Body: Palmered yellow marabou
Wing: Tied flat lemon wood duck flank
Head: Deer belly hair spun and trimmed


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