Ezza Long Hair – Tobbe Hedin

This is a nice mostly white fly designed in Sweden for the salmon, sea trout and pike, but it looks perfect for the North American waters as well. When I tie pike flies, I often use more monochromatic color schemes with black or white being the most productive. The video is on the long side, but I very much enjoy watching Tobbe tie up tubes.

Tube: Eumer Clear / Fluoro Orange
Thread: 12/0 White
Tag: Opal mirage tinsel
Body: Wing ‘n Flash Ice Blue and white UV polar chenille
First Wing: White fox
Collar: White schlappen
Flash: Opal mirage tinsel
Second Wing: White fox
Third Wing: Icelandic sheep white
Flash: Silver flashabou
Legs: Silly legs white fire tip
Collar: White schlappen, white marabou
Head: White deer hair clipped
Bead: Silver cone
Eyes: White/black 3D glow in the dark


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