Coastal Blue – Jay Nicholas – Spey Iron Steelhead Fly Series

Caddis Fly Shop is now putting together a series of steelhead flies and this is one of the first in the series and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it. The fly is pretty standard, but Jay does create a custom dubbing blend for the body of this fly using STS and a touch of Ice dub. Purple STS, Black STS, steely Blue STS and silver ice dub is what I think he used here. The STS is a nice budding, but I find it a bit bright for most applications and I like to blend it with natural hairs like fox tail under fur, seal or polar bear under fur. I’m always in favor of using Coq de Leon feathers, the speckling of the feathers add a natural look to the fly.

Hook: Alec Jackson #3 Heavy Spey
Thread: Lagartun 95D
Tail: Blue fox and pearl crystal flash
Rib: Oval gold small
Body: Purple custom dub (STS blend)
Hackle: Coq de Leon saddle
Wing: White fox with pearl crystal flash
Head: Black


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