Black Ghost Marabou –

The Black Ghost is one of the most popular traditional streamers still tied today. Check out the Day 1 post on Streamers 365 for a few feather-wing examples. William from ties up this marabou version of the classic and offers some valuable tips in the video for tying streamers. A couple nice things about this patterns are the holographic tinsel and the sandwiched peacock herl in the marabou wing. This is a real fishy looking streamer.

Hook: Daiichi 2220
Thread: Black 6/0
Tag: Holographic silver tinsel
Tail: Yellow saddle hackle fibers
Body: Black floss
Rib: Holographic silver tinsel
Beard: Yellow saddle hackle fibers
Wing: White marabou, peacock herl, white marabou
Eyes: Jungle cock


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