10 Rules for a Fly Tying Demo – Vern-O

If you have ever wanted to do a fly tying demo, here is a great line-up of tips for a successful demo. I’ve done quite a few shows, but not much for in-store or clubs. I’d like to get out more and these tips should help me get a few more demo’s booked down the road.

10 Rules for a Fly Tying Demo- by Vern-O

One thing I would add is to not bring along everything you own. Plan out the patterns you want to tie and put the hooks, thread and materials for each into a separate container. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find a material when you need it, or waiting for a tyer to find it. If you have some extra time at the end of your demo, there should be enough materials around to tie some variations of the flies you presented.


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