The Helmet – Jake Villwock

I had a chance to play around with some of the new Sculpin Helmets from FlyMen Fishing Co when I was at the The International Fly Tying Symposium late last year. Here is a simple pattern that uses the new low profile head.

Tube: Protubes Micro tube w/ junction
Thread: Olive 140 denier
Tail: Two-tone rabbit zonker – olive / black
Body: Senyo’s laser dub olive (spun dubbing loop)
Back: Two-tone rabbit zonker – olive / black
Throat: Lady Amherst pheasant crest
Collar: Olive hackle tied reverse (flared)
Flash: Copper Polar Flash
2nd Collar: Grizzly marabou dyed olive
Gills: Red ice dub
Fins: Partridge
Head: Sculpin Helmet
Eyes: 3D eyes


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