Smoky Emerger – Hans Weilenmann

I’ve been following Hans’ tying and his massive project at Hans Weilenmann Flytier’s Page. The project is nearing 5000 patterns in the library, and has become quite a resource. The pattern below is a killer little emerger pattern. I’m a proponent of using rabbit foot for the wings on my emergers as this one does. The video also includes a spot on demonstration of how to tie the collar using hackle fibers stripped off the stem. This allows you to scale up and down without needing to worry too much about the size of your hackle.

Hook: Grip 14723BL #14
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, grey
Collar: Whiting Brahma hen barbs, mottled
Rib: Krystal Flash, opal – doubled to form a loop – smoky grey mink inserted, twisted
Rear thorax: Rabbit, dark grey
Wing: Snowshoe hare, natural
Front thorax: Rabbit, dark grey


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