Sex Dungeon – Brian Wise ties up a Kelly Galloup BAF

Great video production and some killer underwater footage of the fly swimming. Kelly is quite ingenious when it comes to naming flies but it can result is some interesting search results on google, and probably a few disappointed folks when they see a fly. Browns, and pike alike should devour this big ass fly.

Rear hook
Hook: Stinger #2
Thread: 6/0 or 140 denier
Tail: Marabou
Hackle: Sclappen palmered
Legs: Silli legs

Front Hook
Hook: Bass Bug hook #2
Thread: 6/0 or 140 denier
Eyes: Barbell eyes tied under the shank
Connection: heavy mono or coated wire w/ several silver lined beads *tie this in well, using lots of wraps of thread, and folding over the wire and tying it down. Use some cement here.
Body: Cactus chenille
Hackle: Sclappen palmered
Legs: Silli legs
Head: Deer belly packed and trimmed


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