Deer Hair Emerger – Hans Weilenmann

This is a nice little Bob Wyatt pattern that Hans ties up. It’s a pattern I have sort of avoided tying in the past because it looked a bit tricky to get the wing right, but Hans makes it look quite easy and I’m going to re-visit the technique.

DHE (Deer Hair Emerger)
Hook: Partridge GRS 6A #12
Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, Brown
Rib: Tying thread tag end
Wing: Deer hair, natural
Abdomen: Hare, dyed olive (or color to match the natural)
Thrax: Hare’s ear, natural

Check out more from Hans at or his Youtube page –


2 thoughts on “Deer Hair Emerger – Hans Weilenmann”

  1. Darren,

    The wing is just like tying on the snowshoe hare wing of a Usual. I was taught a similar pattern for the South Branch of the Ausable River in Michigan, except it was tyed in March Brown and/or Hendrickson colours. Bob’s pattern works pretty well out here in the West.

    1. I wish I had tied it more when I lived out west. Tied a few up tonight to try out in a couple months out here. I’m pretty sure I can find some trout to snipe it. the SSH usuals worked pretty good the past few years too.

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