Klinkhamer Special – Davie McPhail

The Klinkhamer is a pattern I love to fish, but I must admit, I`m not always thrilled when I have to tie up a batch. this one is finished on the post, my favorite way to tie parachute hackles, and Davie makes it look really easy.



3 thoughts on “Klinkhamer Special – Davie McPhail”

  1. I,m looking for info to help me find out what and where to find a materal called (fitch)
    used by a tyer named Hans van klinken
    any help finding this hair or what it is will help a lot
    don smith

  2. After 40 years of tying flies l have a word of advice for the novice as well as the journeyman. Don’t be afraid to experiment l have caught fish on flies l have tied that bear little resemblance to those pictured or featured in magazines. If you think catching a trout on a fly you have tied just imagine the thrill of catching that fish on your own design. All those tried and true flies were products of someones experimentation years ago. So why not you. I regularly visit and tie Davie McPhail’s flys. They are awesome.

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