The Handlebar – Aidan Darby-Miller

Back online after a week or so without a computer. I’ll be heading out to fish some pink salmon this year, so I figured I would start getting a box of flies tied up for the occasion. They say pink flies for pink salmon, so Adian’s Handlebar should fit the bill. It’s also a really simple tie and I won’t minding losing a few.



6 thoughts on “The Handlebar – Aidan Darby-Miller”

      1. Hey dude. I’d like to but I just broke my ankle 3 weeks ago and I am in a cast for 5 weeks with 10 weeks of physio right after!! See facebook for xray picture. I don’t think I’ll be in wading condition until November!

        I HATE this cast!!!!!!! Maybe next year! How’s the family?

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