Rootbeer Bugger – Lou DiGena

There are thousands of variations of Russel Blessing’s Woolly Bugger out there, and I like to tie a few for a couple of my boxes. I’ve even been known to tie a few up for my pike box. Here is a cool variation from Lou DiGena ( that I really liked and wanted to share. I am picky about my own buggers and hate seeing poorly tied or monotone flies. Patterns that incorporate grizzly or badger hackles with a nice taper in the hackle are always welcome in my box. Lou uses pearl braid as the body material here and when the hackle is wrapped to sit between the wraps of the braid, it will really add some durability to the pattern. That combined with the counter wrapped wire will make sure it sees many fish before it needs to be retired. Enjoy the show and drop by Fly and Fin to thank Lou for the video! Also be sure to check out their other content on their youtube page.



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