Dustin’s Marabou Muddler

I’ll be honest, I really don’t like tying muddlers, but I love to fish them. That being said, I wouldn’t call this a muddler pattern, but rather a sculpin. I give props to Dustin here for this pattern, it’s a definite fish hunter fly. This pattern looks like an awesome fly for targeting the fall browns of the GL tribs, and even some giant voracious Blackwater strain rainbows. I love the fly, but not the name here. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of Dustin’s patterns.

Muddler minnows are great patterns to add to your steelheading fly box. They work great as a lead fly in a tandem fly rig. This pattern is a little more snag resistant due to the fact that the hook is inverted. This is extremely important because steelhead are almost always going to be hugging the bottom where all the snags are. Sculpin are a common prey item in most rivers as well as some lakes, so don’t be afraid to try this pattern when targeting other fish.



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