Ryan’s Fire Ant – Ryan Gabert

This is a chubby little any pattern that is tied up on a Daiichi 1273 hook. I love the way the color looks in the video, sort of a claret, burgundy hue. I’ll need some really small hooks to match the ants on my local streams, but I really like this pattern.

Trout seldom pass up the chance to eat an ant. Ryan started tying his Fire Ant last summer and had great success. As temperatures start to warm, trout will start to key on terrestrials. Ants patterns are so effective that they deserve ample room in your fly box.


Hook: Daiichi 1273 red finish
Thread: 8/0
Abdomen: Red dubbing
Wing: Red CDC
Hackle: Brown dry fly hackle
Thorax: Red dubbing


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