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Wow, it’s been about a month since my last post. Life has been hectic, but it’s a good thing. I’ve just put my latest fly tying article in the can for fly Fusion Magazine and can get back to posting some great flies and the like. This latest offering is a little BLM Nymph, and it’s one I’ve never seen before. this reminds me of a Barr’s Emerger off the get-go with it’s trimmed legs and slim profile, but much more vibrant than the BE. This is a great little sparkly thing, and I have some of those great looking beads from Martin Bawden at to use here.

The BLM is an excellent small, flashy nymph that works especially well in lakes. FIsh it either under an indicator or behind an attractor dry, fishing blind or casting to sighted cruisers. This is the olive-brown version. Also good when tied with the pheasant tail, PMD, red ice, black, and other color blends of Angel Hair, the primary material. This fly is an exceptional changeup for the more prominent Lightning Bug.


Hook: #16-20 standard nymph.
Bead/Thorax: Gold – match bead to hook size.
Tail/Body/Wingcase/Legs: Brown-olive angel hair.
Rib: Fine gold wire.


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