Crystal Meth – Kevin McKay

The crystal Meth is a variation of the sucker spawn, a popular steelhead and salmon fly in the Great Lakes area spring and fall. The sucker spawn is tied with glo-bug yarn while the Crystal Meth uses diamond braid or a similar mylar weave. I have an objection to the way most of these are tied, with all the material stacked on top of the hook shank, in a straight line. I prefer to lay each bend to an alternating side so that the finished fly has more of a cluster look to it.

Kevin adds another variation I might need to explore this fall by using 2 strands of different colored braid. The results of using 2 stands is a cluster like fly (sac of roe) that should do well amid the barrage of egg sacs being floated through the deeper pools. 🙂 You might even get a surprise brown to hit that.



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