Mercury Midge – Hans Stephenson

Hans is quickly becoming one of my favorite tyers to watch online. Simple flies like this that catch fish are always welcome additions to my flybox. I’m sort of a cram session tyer, stocking up a box the night before, so having patterns such as this really comes in handy.

This is one of the best flies to begin a tying career. These flies are simple to tie. Tying a glass bead midge teaches how to wrap thread and how to rib a body. Probably the best reason for tying this pattern is, that despite being so simple to tie, it catches loads of fish. For the waters I regularly fish, it makes more sense to tie a few dozen of these rather than tying a box full of wooly buggers.

Vary the thread colors to include black, olive, and red bodies. The availability of wire and thread colors makes for endless color combinations.



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