Bob Mead on Collecting Flies

Bob has been writing articles posted on in the Angler’s Corner section of the site. You may know Bob from his incredible work with tying realistic flies, or perhaps you have visited and bought a couple collectible flies from Bob and Daves’ Auctions. If you collect flies, this is a must read. Like Bob, I’ve also found that a good story is well worth the price of the fly. While your there, take a look at the selection of flies available on MyFlies.

Read Bob’s articles here or visit the auctions.

Bob Mead - Black Widow TV Prop
Bob Mead - Black Widow TV Prop



One thought on “Bob Mead on Collecting Flies”

  1. Hi Bob:

    I’m doing an article for the new Wings and Waters on collecting fishing flies.
    Would like to talk with you.

    Jack Montague
    Wolfglen Fly Fishing Schools.
    941 276 2391

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