Woodchuck Chuckers

It’s groundhog Day woodchuck chuckers and so after a bit of a hiatus, I’m back. I just finished watching my obligatory session of the movie Groundhog Day and now I offer you a selection of flies inspired by the hair of the great hog (rat….)

Click here for 4 woodchuck patterns – http://www.fishingwithflies.com/WoodchuckCaddis.html

The Chuck Caddis
The Chuck Caddis

Hook: Photo shows size 14 Tiemco 100.
Thread: Color and size to suite. Photo shows Danville 6/0.
Body: Dubbing, applied thinly.
Wing: Woodchuck fur guard-hairs.
Hackle/Legs: Dry fly hackle to match the hatch. Photo shows about 12 wraps of cree colored rooster saddle hackle.


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