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I picked up some of these hooks not too long ago and love tying flies on them. they are old, and hard to come by, but just prefect for the long streamers. 9 boxes of Allcock 1810 size 12 hooks! What a find, I’m not sure about the value, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go above 200.

Allcock 1810 hooks size 12

Allcock 1810 hooks size 12

Here is a bit of a plug for my new project set to launch on the new year. Streamers 365 will feature a range of feather-wing streamers tied some of the most talented streamer tyers. This is just one for fun, and any funds raised from the sale go towards some great causes.

Golden Darter Streamer

Golden Darter Streamer

I’m considering a bit on this Bert Quimby streamer as well. The pattern isn’t listed, and the photo is poor, but it looks like it’s red and white, perhaps a Parmachene Belle. the seller guesses it may be a Col. Bates, but it doesn’t look at all like that to me. This would be a great addition to any collection.

Bert Quimby Streamer

Bert Quimby Streamer

This is another I have been hunting for with no luck.

Keith Fulsher – Thunder Creek Rainbow Trout

Keith Fulsher - Thunder Creek Rainbow Trout

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  1. Hi there I have three Bert Quimby Flies still in the wrap like the one above. On the box it is circa 1942. I also have seven LL Bean flies I think from the same era still in the wrap. About fifteen years ago I enquired as to their value and was told each fly is valued around $80.00 US. well the Bert Quimby flies were valued at that amount not sure about the LL Bean flies.
    Please email me your thoughts.

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