Adams Wet – Don Bastian

I love Don’s flies and this is a shining example of why. The Adams is popular in many of its forms, but perhaps, the wet version gets left out all too often. I really suck at tying wet flies with quills, but perhaps I can tackle this one. You can check out Don’s article here complete with recipe.

Adams Wet - Don Bastian
Adams Wet - Don Bastian



3 thoughts on “Adams Wet – Don Bastian”

  1. Thank you for placing this post here on your site, and the link! I appreciate it! Yes, I agree, the Adams is not often thought of as a wet fly. But look at it! The colors, it’s buggy, it has movement, fish-appeal. It works! No surprises there…

    Thanks again!


    1. Agreed. Don, I’m just happy to see that even with your hectic schedule, you can still find the time to post some little gems such as these. Looking forward to the next!

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