Andrew’s Loud Mouth Shrimp – Andrew Moy

this fly has some interesting techniques to explore, the first being the use of the pin to extend the body (head) of the shrimp. the second being the use of the Senyo shaggy dubbing. It is an interesting “dub” in the it is really just micro rubber legs, but it really gives this fly a unique look. This isn’t a quick and easy fly, but it sure looks cool. If you plan on hitting a warm destination for bones this winter, this looks like a fun fly to try.



One thought on “Andrew’s Loud Mouth Shrimp – Andrew Moy”

  1. Interesting and looks fun to tie. Was wondering what size of hook you recommend. Looks like a 2, 4 or 6 would be good sizes. Enjoyed watching and thanks alot.
    Ron S

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