Acetate Floss Caddis Nymph

I’ve used acetate for a number of red wormy patterns, but it never dawned on me to try it with a caddis. This is a really quick, durable pattern, and I rather like the idea of brushing on the acetate instead of the dunking. One thing that came to mind watching this clip was to add a touch of dubbing between the 2 strands of floss and using it like a dubbing loop before wrapping it like on the Shark’s Caddis Pupa. I will have to experiment with the technique to see if that could work.



One thought on “Acetate Floss Caddis Nymph”

  1. Hey Pacres,

    I was browsing and came across this link. Great idea with the dubbing loop. One other idea that I’ve been working on is to dub a body with a spikey dubbing and work the strands (twisted as a rope) throughout, leaving some space between the wraps. The end result is a nice hard shell, with the spikey dubbing protruding in between. I haven’t had a chance to fish it, but it sure looks buggy. In regards to the Shark’s Caddis Pupa, one of my good friends, Brandon Alexander of Catskill Fly & Float ties a great caddis pattern using a condom – that’s right a condom. I’ll see if he can post a picture on his blog, Shoot me an email, we can definitely talk fishing.

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