Tungsten Torpedo – Kevin Compton

I’ve followed Kevin’s tying and patterns for a number of years and have been impressed with the depth of thought and attention to detail he puts into each thread wrap. The double rib makes a nice effect on the body. Enjoy the show and drop by Fly and Fin to thank Lou for the video! Also be sure to check out their other content on their youtube page.


Kevin Compton. Kevin is a fly designer for Solitude Fly Company a commercial tier, author, speaker, and tying instructor. He splits his time between Ohio, chasing Steelhead in the Great Lakes , and the other half in Rocky Mountains of Colorado for Trout. He’s also on the international pro team for Partridge Hooks. Kevin’s company, Performance Flies, distributes specialty tying materials and hooks, including the DOHIKU European barbless hooks, throughout North America.

His flies have been featured in the Fly Fishing and Tying Journal and you can read his article Going Barbless which appeared in the August 2008 issue of Hatches Magazine. Recently Kevin finished second in the first “Iron Fly” completion at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (Charlie Craven won “Iron Fly”).


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