Pinkie – Hans Stephenson

Hans ties up a great looking fly, and this midge / Chironimid patterns looks like cotton candy for trout. The hot pink wire is a nice contrast, and the color might even be a trigger for trout feeding on scuds or mysis shrimp. One thing I would probably change up is the hook to a smaller shanked scud hook on the larger sizes, but smaller flies in the 14-18 range should be fine on the longer shank. Pink is also one of my favorite colors for picking up grayling, something I’m long over due for.

This fly came about after seeing small pink worms in stomach pump samples in our local tailwater Rapid Creek. While this is not a perfect match it works very well. Coincidently it also works very well on the Bighorn River. Fish might also be taking this fly in our tailwater as a mysis shrimp.

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