Guaranteed – Leroy Hyatt

I had the pleasure of meeting Leroy a couple years back at the WCFFE in Calgary as well as on the message forum on Of course, Leroy is well known as the host of the PBS program “Fly Tying The Angler’s Art“. There are lots of new patterns by Leroy up on Youtube at the Lewiston Tribune page. Be sure to check out the archive online there now, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more here in the near future.

This is a quick little soft hackle fly, with a nice range of colors in it. The soft hackle on this one is created with a blue peacock breast feather. I really love using the blues for nymphs. I’ve had some epic days dragging a little peacock soft hackle behind a pontoon. Enjoy the video and check out the rest online.


Also be sure to check out the online archive of video from Fly Tying The Angler’s Art –


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