Don Bastian 21-30

Here are the link to the 10 flies up this week. check back to see the next set of 10. We’ll try to keep you updated, but you can also keep an eye on Don’s Hatches Blog here.

21. Belgrade, 22. Big Meadow, 23. Bishop, 24. Bisset, 25. Black Dose,
26. Black Gnat, 27. Black Gnat Silver, 28. Black June , 29. Black Moose , 30. Black Palmer Red Tag

Don Bastian - Black Palmer Red Tag
Don Bastian - Black Palmer Red Tag

Black Palmer Red Tag

Tip: None
Tail: Scarlet wool tag (short)
Ribbing: None
Hackle: Black tied palmer
Body: Peacock herl
Wing: None


3 thoughts on “Don Bastian 21-30”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this announcement on The Daily Fly Paper Blog. I appreciate it very much! I just want to say that the Ray Bergman Collection on Hatches Magazine is actually the result of the third time that I have tied all the wet flies from Ray Bergman’s books. It still amazes me when I think where I was forty-some years ago, just a kid interested in fly tying and fishing.

  2. No problem Don! I’ve been admiring your flies for some time! Can’t wait to see the whole collection. I guess one of the other times you tied them was for Forgotten Flies correct. 🙂

    No matter, it’s a huge job to tie them all, and I appreciate the skill and time involved.

  3. Yes, Forgotten Flies was actually the first time I tied all the Bergman wets, then I sold my first ever full reproduction framed set to Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland in 2002. They are still on display there but unfortunately their website has no photos of the frames. will provide info on this large, 12 -13 establishment restaurant chain.
    Thanks again!

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