Alex Rogan – Visual Fly Tying – Gray Ghost

Wow, this is a really cool little piece that I would love to have. Each step is tied up, and the kit includes materials for tying 24 flies (less hooks – too bad).

Visual Fly Tying in 12 Easy Steps – Gray Ghost by Alex Rogan. c. 1950. Allan Mfg. Co.. 4 page printed portfolio. Contained in custom blue cloth slipcase. First edition.

Visual Fly Tying – Gray Ghost

Visual Fly Tying - Gray Ghost - Alex Rogan
Visual Fly Tying - Gray Ghost - Alex Rogan


3 thoughts on “Alex Rogan – Visual Fly Tying – Gray Ghost”

  1. I have one of these, the left side is intact, unfortunately, it was the right side full of materials that was used pretty much completely. What a great concept though.

    1. I also have one of these portfolios, the right side is empty as well. I was trying to find out if these are still being made. It was a terrific concept.

    2. I have one of these for sale. Was planning to post it on Ebay but found this thread so thought I’d let you know. The right side is complete except for the “hooks” bag. Two hooks missing on the left side.

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